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For all of our devices, we offer an extensive selection of accessory parts to help you benefit even more in your specific application area. Familiarize yourself with our offerings or let us advise you.

  • Connection Technology Connection Technology
    Sensors are only as good as the options for integrating them in your controls. For this reason, we offer you an extensive selection of accessories, including everything from the cables, to the plugs to the optional connection box. You can easily find the right parts for your application.
  • Mounting Systems Mounting Systems
    For sensor mounting, we offer a large selection of standard mounting materials to help you reliably mount and – if necessary – easily align the devices.
  • Device Columns Device Columns
    With a range of designs and heights, our rugged device columns are also a very flexible option for mounting our safety light curtains and multiple light beam safety devices independent of your system. On the outside, the muting mounting systems can be easily extended to provide complete access guarding.
  • Deflecting Mirrors and Deflecting Mirror Columns Deflecting Mirrors and Deflecting Mirror Columns
    It is sometimes necessary, particularly for safety at work, to deflect sensor beams on account of structural circumstances. With our deflecting mirrors and columns, this can be performed conveniently and problem-free.
  • Protective Screens Protective Screens
    Protective screens used together with appropriate housings or device columns guarantee the reliable protection of light curtains, e.g., against scratching and welding sparks.
  • Protective Housing Protective Housing
    With the stainless steel housing with IP 67 and IP 69K (deflection mirror model), the BCL 300i is also well suited for tough environmental conditions or hygiene-sensitive areas with high cleaning effort.
  • Fiber Optics Fiber Optics
    Bundled glass or plastic fibers together with fiber optic sensors allow the measurement path to be placed on even difficult-to-access locations at which sensors could not otherwise be mounted.
  • Reflectors and Reflective Tapes Reflectors and Reflective Tapes
    Sensors that operate according to the reflection principle need high-quality reflectors in order to function. The reflector quality directly influences the reliability of the sensor solution. We offer reflectors for all conceivable applications and environmental conditions to ensure an optimum detection result at all times.
  • Alignment Aids Alignment Aids
    Sensor alignment is generally very unproblematic and can even easily be performed without additional tools. For some devices and application cases, it can still sometimes be helpful to make use of one of our alignment aids.
  • Bar Code Tapes Bar Code Tapes
    Bar code positioning systems use bar code tapes to determine positions with millimeter accuracy. For our systems, we offer tapes in standard lengths from 30 mm to 200 m. In addition, special lengths of up to 10 km are possible. The self-adhesive plastic tape is UV resistant, extremely resilient and mechanically durable.
  • Muting Mounting Systems Muting Mounting Systems
    These ready-made muting systems simplify the setup of professional workplace safeguarding systems. Various packages and extensive accessories allow these packages to be used in a variety of applications.
  • Muting Indicators Muting Indicators
    A wide range of indicators for displaying possible dangers is what makes a safety-at-work system complete.