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Rack/Roller Pinion

The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) revolutionizes linear and rotary motion control possibilities. Giving a fresh face to traditional rack and pinion systems, the RPS overcomes the troublesome limitations of conventional drive systems and offers unmatched performance. Across industries as varied as laser cutting and mining, users will benefit from the accuracy and 99% efficiency of this new technology. 

 Premium Rack Standard Rack Endurance Rack  Universal Rack  Universal Rack (Stainless Steel) 
 Thrust Force 250-14000 N  1000-14000 N  1000-14000 N  7500-10500 N 7500-10500 N 
 Max Speed 4-11 m/s  4-11 m/s  4-11 m/s  4-11 m/s  4-11 m/s 
 Backlash 0 0  0  0  0 
 Corrosion Resistance Hard Chrome  Uncoated Steel  Nitrided  Uncoated Steel  Stainless Steel 
 Lubrication Free Speed 0.5 m/s N/A  0.5 m/s  N/A  N/A 
 Noise Level 75 decibels  75 decibels 75 decibels
 75 decibels  75 decibels
 Rack Length 224-1000 mm  512-1000 mm  128-1000 mm  500-1000 mm  300-1000 mm 
 Precisional Accuracy ±30 µm ±30 µm ±80 µm 
(one exception)
 ±50 µm ±50 µm
 Repetitive Positioning Precision ±5 µm ±10 µm ±20 µm 
(one exception)
 ±10 µm ±10 µm
 Finish Black Thin Dense Hard Chrome on Steel  Uncoated Steel  Nitrided Steel (one exception) Uncoated Steel Uncoated Stainless Steel or Thin Dense Hard Chrome on Stainless Steel
 Product Life (approximate) 30 million roller contacts per tooth  30 million roller contacts per tooth  30 million roller contacts per tooth  2-5 million roller contacts per tooth 2-5 million roller contacts per tooth

 Flange Mount ISO Pinions (NPS) Flange Mount ISO Pinions (SS) Shaft Mount Pinions (NPS) Shaft Mount Pinions (SS)
 Thrust Force 2400-14000 N 2400-3000 N 2400-1400 N 2400-4400 N
 Max Speed 4-11 m/s 4-5 m/s 4-6 m/s4-8 m/s
 Backlash less than 3.2 µm less than 3.2 µm less than 3.2 µm less than 3.2 µm
 Precisional Accuracy ±30 µm ±30 µm ±30 µm ±30 µm
Repetitive Positioning Precision ±5 µm±5 µm±5 µm±5 µm
Pilot Size 11.995, 31.495, 79.995, 39.995 mm  11.995, 19.995 mm N/A N/A
Finish Nickel Plated Steel or Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Nickel Plated Steel or Stainless SteelStainless Steel or Thin Dense Hard Chrome on Stainless Steel

The tables above list selected ranges of technical data for Nexen's top RPS components; specific information will vary by product number. Plastic gear racks and aluminum pinions are available on request. Please contact our Sales Department for more detailed information on specific product numbers.