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Today’s electronic totalizers are highly advanced with digital displays, high count speeds, silent operation and a long life span. The general purpose totalizers a comparably priced to other technologies and are very easy to install and use. Their high speed and compatibility with a variety of sensors makes them ideal for precise measurement of length or position, as well as totalization of fast moving items, liquid or gas volume, and other demanding tasks.

Common totalizer applications are:

  • item or piece counting
  • machine cycle counting
  • material length measurement
  • position display
  • fluid or gas volume totalizing

For your most challenging applications, you may want to consider Veeder-Root’s state-of-the-art programmable totalizers. They offer maximum flexibility through user selectable advanced features such as:

  • input calibrators
  • movable decimal point
  • bidirectional counting modes

Display types

While mechanical and electrical counters always present their count display as printed characters on mechanical wheels, electronic counters, provide solid-state display devices, the most popular being LCD and LED technology.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD displays are best suited for installation in areas where there is reasonably good lighting and are superior to most other display types when viewed in good ambient light. They may be difficult to view in very dimly light areas, but some counters overcome this problem through use of an internal light source.

Light emitting Diode (LED)

Since they produce their own light, LED displays can be viewed in very dimly lit areas. Their high contrast presentation makes them the preferred type when the display must be observed from a distance.

Electronic Input Signals

Electronic counters need a signal that represents the unit to be counted. This is often a voltage pulse or contact closure that already exists on your machine or process; however, for cases where no signal is available, a suitable sensor will have to be furnished. Anything that can be sensed can be counted and Veeder-Root offers several types of accessory sensors.

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