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Max Jr Rate Controller - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here
Max Jr Rate Controller - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here

Max Jr - Tach 1 & Tach Rate Indicator / Controller

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Part Number:Max Jr - Tach 1 & Tach 2 Rate Indicator / Controll
Dynapar; Veeder Root; Eagle Signal Timers, Counters and Encoders
 Max Jr - Tach 1 & Tach Rate Controller
Excellent Performance Coupled With Flexibility
Small Package Size
The MAX Jr Tach family set the standard for low cost industrial rate controllers. Programmable calibration factor and decimal point allow speed to be displayed in units, such as: feet/minute, gallons/minute, etc. Combining high accuracy measurement with alarm capability, built-in diagnostics, large, bright LED display, simple programming and compact size makes the MAX Jr Tachs a best value.

  • Calibration factor allows display in engineering units
  • 0.01% accurate time interval measurement
  • Large, bright 0.56" high red LED display
  • Full 5 digit display capability
  • High and low alarm setpoints with outputs
  • Sealed NEMA 4 front panel
  • Programmable decimal point position
  • Built-in diagnostics

The MAX Jr Tach 1 Rate Indicator / Controller performs the basic rate or speed measurement functions. The MAX Jr Tach 2 provides a choice of operating modes: rate of input A, as in the MAX Jr Tach 1; ratio of two independent inputs A and B; and time interval, which can be the period of A or the elapsed time between inputs A (start) and B (stop).