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HZ170 Counter - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here
HZ170 Counter - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here

HZ170 Electromechanical Counter

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Part Number:HZ170 Electromechanical Counter
Dynapar; Veeder Root; Eagle Signal Timers, Counters and Encoders

HZ170 Electromechanical Counter

Three Count Ranges - 500 Counts / Minute Max

The HZ170 series is an electromechanical counter housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX case. The unit is available in three count ranges, 12, 40, and 100. The count setpoint is adjustable by a knob on the front of the unit.


  • All count ranges use solenoid operated pawl feed count motor and electromechanical clutch
  • Progress pointer, indicating count progression, advances clockwise from setpoint to zero
  • Two sets of SPDT instantaneous contacts and two delayed SPDT switches which transfer at count out control output sequences
  • Instantaneous and delayed contacts may be interconnected to supply output sequences
  • Optional reverse action clutch will not reset on power failure

The HZ170 series counter is an impulse motor driven unit with standard or reverse clutch operation. When power is applied to the clutch terminals on standard units, the clutch engages and instantaneous contacts transfer enabling the counter to receive and register counts. A 40 ms pulse to the count motor will register a count by moving the count progress pointer toward the zero point on the dial. When the progress pointer reaches zero, the unit is counted out and a set of delayed switches transfer. Additional counts will not be registered until the unit is reset. Removal of power from the clutch terminals resets the counter. Units with 40 count and 100 count ranges have two delayed action switches. By adjustment of set screws on the switch trip lever, a transfer differential between the two switches can be obtained. The 40 count range switch differential can be adjusted for one count early transfer before count out. The 100 count range differential is two counts. On reverse action clutch operation, removal of power from the clutch terminals enables the counter to receive counts.
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