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7434 Worm Drive Totalizer - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here
7434 Worm Drive Totalizer - Contact Us For Models Not Shown Here

7434 Worm Drive Totalizer

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Part Number:7434 Worm Drive Totalizer
Dynapar; Veeder Root; Eagle Signal Timers, Counters and Encoders
7434 Worm Drive Totalizer
Five Digits -  Gear Driven
Ideal For Use With Measuring Wheels
Available in three popular geared ratios, the Series 7434 is typically used with measuring wheels to totalize feet, yards, 1/8 yards, or meters. It's double-ended shaft can carry two measuring wheels for extra grip and stability in contacting measured material. It is commonly used in the textile, wire and cable, paper, rope, and sheet products industries.
  • Precision linear measurement of all types of moving materials
  • Double stainless steel shafts accept dual measuring wheels
  • Heavy duty ball bearings allow shaft speeds to 3000 rpm
  • White on black, high contrast figures for easy viewing
  • Clean, modern styled enclosure – corrosion and dust resistant
  • Models with 3:1, 1:1, or 0.375:1 revolution to count ratio
  • Counts in yards,1/8 yards, or feet using standard footage wheel or counts in meters, using 1/3 meter wheel
  • Smooth action rotary knob reset
Noncorrosive materials are used throughout for years of trouble free service. Models are provided that add in the clockwise, or counterclockwise direction. Opposite rotation subtracts. All are righthand drive. Other features and configurations are available on special order, such
as: shaft variations, special wheel colors and markings, and reset options.

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