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Switching Sensors

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In this subcategory, you will find sensor solutions that detect an object optoelectronically, ultrasonically or inductively and output a robust switching signal. Choose this subcategory for a large number of different operating principles and designs.

  • Optical Sensors Optical Sensors
    One of Leuze's core competencies are sensors that perform their detection tasks with light in a wide range of forms. For all applications that are to be solved in this way, we are able to offer you a reliable and efficient solution from our extensive product line.
  • Inductive Switches Inductive Switches
    Some detection tasks are not very well suited to optical solutions. Coming into play here are inductive switches which reliably detect metallic parts even under the most adverse conditions. An array of designs, short reaction times and large ranges make our inductive sensors the right solutions for practically all fields of application in industrial automation.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors
    Ultrasonic sensors are used whenever optical systems reach their limits. Hence, partially and fully transparent or extremely dark objects can be detected just as easily as objects with reflecting surfaces or objects in dusty, vaporous or humid environments.
  • Fiber Optic Sensors Fiber Optic Sensors
    With the use of fiber optics and appropriate amplifiers, the area of application of optoelectronic sensors is considerably expanded. The flexible fiber optics with various head shapes can be integrated in nearly any system design. The detection range is dependent on the fiber optics and amplifiers used.
  • Forked Sensors Forked Sensors
    Sensors of this series combine transmitter and receiver into a single device and therefore feature high operational safety. They are characterized by simple mounting without alignment work as well as high sensitivity. The sensors are used for detecting small parts or for detecting labels and print marks, even on transparent foils.
  • Light Curtains Light Curtains
    The switching light curtains from Leuze electronic are able to monitor a large measurement field and respond if sensor beams in the field are interrupted. Various resolutions and measurement field lengths enable reliable use in a variety of applications.
  • 3D Sensors 3D Sensors
    These sensors determine height contours. 3D data can be easily generated for moving objects or by moving the sensor. The measurement data can either be output for external processing or preprocessed in the sensor for convenient object measurement or detection.
  • Special Sensors Special Sensors
    Under this heading are sensor solutions that must perform special detection tasks or which were developed for specific applications. Here you will find contrast and luminescence scanners as well as color sensors and systems for monitoring double sheets and splices as well as for overlap detection.