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TM Repeat Cycle Timer
TM Repeat Cycle Timer

TM Time Module

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Part Number:TM

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Number of Circuts
Voltage & Frequency
Time Range
With dial (100%) and knob - 01
Two adjustable 1-180° cam segments per switch - 02
Cam Follower, Actuator, and two tabs - 11
Eagle Signal

The TM series TIME/MODULE consists of a series of modules, each interlocking with the other and keyed so they can be assembled only one way. Choosing the correct combination of modules will solve virtually all repeating time control problems. Standard units are available with one through ten switches. There are six modules available, each distinctive in its separate function. They include a motor module with clutch, dial and knob module, a 10-1 reduction module, and three different switch modules as follows: one rise and drop tab with latch actuator (standard), two rise tabs with cam follower, and two 50-50 cam segments with cam follower.

The TIME/MODULE utilizes a unique latch switching mechanism rather than the conventional variable radius cam and follower found on most cam timers. There are 120 serrations on the outer perimeter of the cam wheel which will accommodate a maximum of 24 tabs. A latch actuator maintains the module SPDT switch in one of its positions until a cam tab engages an actuator and triggers the switch to the opposite position. This method allows multiple switch closures on the same cam and eliminates the need for additional circuits or expensive multiple cut cams.

The TIME/MODULE is constructed of precision molded plastic parts, using the latest injection molding techniques to provide a durable and reliable low coast cam timer. The motor and switch plates are injection molded polycarbonate to provide high impact and dielectric strength. Cams and gears are made of special nylon to provide lifetime lubrication for all moving parts. Cam segments, cam tabs and actuators are molded of acetal for durability. All switch terminals are 187 quick disconnect type for easy connections.

Eagle Signal TM series TIME/MODULE Repeat Cycle Timer datasheet
TM series TIME/MODULE Repeat Cycle Timer Datasheet
Eagle Signal TM series TIME/MODULE Repeat Cycle Timer manual
TM series TIME/MODULE Repeat Cycle Timer Manual

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