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Pizzato - HX Series Hinge-Shaped Safety Switches

Posted by Ohio Belting & Transmission Co. on 11/17/2017 to Pizzato
Pizzato - HX Series Hinge-Shaped Safety Switches

Hinged-shaped safety switches in stainless steel HX series

Pizzato Elettrica has recently introduced its new HX series stainless steel safety hinged switches.

Thanks to the use of AISI 316L stainless steel and to the accurate surface finish, this new range of devices is suitable for any environment where chemical and corrosive agents are found or for aseptic environments where particular attention is required for cleanliness and hygiene (i.e. pharmaceutical sectors, chemical or marine sector).

These are the main features of the HX series:

  • AISI 316L stainless steel housing
  • Protection degree IP67 and IP69K
  • Intervention point 1.5° adjustable ±1°
  • Versions with rear cable and rear cable with M12 connector
  • Laser marking on the product

HX series stainless steel safety switches are available both with mechanical and electronic contact blocks.


Two versions of the stainless steel safety switches with mechanical contacts are available:

  • 2NO+2NC, slow action closer with positive opening
  • 2NO+2NC, slow action overlapped with positive opening


One version of the HX series switches with an electronic contact block is available with the following features:

  • 2 safety outputs PNP, 1 auxiliary output PNP, 2 safety inputs PNP.
  • Possible connection in series of several hinge-shaped safety switches: the redundant internal structure of the HX hinged safety switch meets the characteristics required by the EN ISO 12489-1 and IEC 62061 standards, therefore the actual switch can be classified as a device of category 4, PL e and SIL 3. HX hinge switches can be used in series, while maintaining the PL e, as long as they are connected to an appropriate Pizzato Elettrica safety module controlling the correct functioning.
  • 4 status-indicator LEDs: the version with electronic contacts in the HX series is provided with 4 LEDs which make it possible to quickly identify the status it is found in. Each LED is assigned a specific signaling function which makes it possible to immediately identify any wiring errors or circuit breaks. This avoids the need to decode troublesome blinking sequences in order to identify specific system faults.