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CX100B6 Repeat Cycle Timer

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Part Number:CX100B6
Eagle Signal

Eagle Signal CX100 Repeat Cycle Timer

The CX100 is a solid state repeat cycle timer that will alternately turn an output on and off as long as power is applied to the unit. The CX100 is a microprocessor based timer with digital setting for greater setting accuracy than can be achieved with analog style repeat cycle timers. In addition to its greater setting accuracy, the CX100 timer is fully programmable to provide a number of time ranges and operating modes in one unit.

The ON and OFF time ranges are individually programmable for four time ranges from 199.99 seconds to 199 hours and 59 minutes. The CX100 timer is also programmable to have the ON time first instead of the OFF time first and to reset or non-reset on power interruption. The time ranges and the operating characteristics of the unit are programmed using 7 miniature rocker switches located inside the unit housing.

The repeat cycle timer is housed in a standard CYCL-FLEX enclosure for easier removal, programming changes, and servicing. The liquid crystal display is 4-1/2 digits (19999) and is 1/2 inch tall for clear, unmistakable numbers. Annunciators (right of the display) flash to indicate ON time cycles and are constantly on to indicate OFF time cycles. There are two socket mount 10 amp output relays: one performs the ON/OFF cycling and the other is a set of instantaneous contacts that energize when power is applied to the start input and do not de-energize until power is disconnected from the start input. The time inhibit input allows timing functions to be stopped without resetting the unit.

The CX100 is unaffected by 2.5G sinusoidal vibration magnitude in both directions of the perpendicular mounting axes imposed from 10 to 100 Hz. It is also unaffected by a constant 3600 volt peak, 60 Hz discharge applied to the grounded front plate at a relative humidity of less than 25%.

CX100 Data Sheet
CX100 Manual

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